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FreeZ Online TV is a free online TV application for Windows. It lists several channels that stream content over the Internet. Some of those channels are live and some are not. Most popular channel news from over the world can be found in the different lists offered by this app.

The user interface is pretty simple. There is a big video player on the left of the screen and the list of available channels is on the right. The video player is obviously based on Windows Media Player, and even incorporates its controls. When you double click on a channel's name, the application will attempt to connect to it. Most of the channels that I tried worked well. There was little buffering and the video and audio were in sync. Some channels failed to connect and some had moved their stream location, so the application wasn't able to play them. In a few instances, I noticed that a channel was opened but no video or audio played, but the application didn't specify if there was an error or if the channel was down.

There are quite a few channels. The application's website says there are over 500. Although there are channels from several countries, they are not arranged by country. You can't add channels to a favorites list.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of channels and most work


  • No favorites support
  • Channels are not arranged by country
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